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The Student’s Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECESCON) is an annual student conference which takes place in various cities of Greece, since 2007. The conference aims to bring together students from all departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering in order to learn about new technological developments and challenges.

The main part of the conference program includes student work presentations - undergraduate projects, thesis or even dissertations. Besides these presentations there will be lectures of well-known scientists and roundtables on issues concerning the future of the engineers . Alongside the presentations there will be workshops and competitions.

It is our pleasure to invite you all to attend our 11th Conference (April 19-21), held at the city of Thessaloniki.


PreECESCON is one of the newest additions to the conference and that‘s because it was organized for the first time for ECESCON 8 in Patras, just 3 years ago. Inspired by other successful events such as hackathons, and aspiring to become not only a motivational cause but also a great chance for young students to become the innovators of tomorrow, PreECESCON hopes to rise as an institution for original applications in the engineering industry. With such aspirations we are happy to announce that PreECESCON 4 is a reality.

The competition will be conducted in 2 phases. During the first phase, in a 2 day time period, the competing teams will be called to write code. After that there will be an evaluation by a chosen committee and the top projects will make to phase B. The second half of the competition will include a presentation of each project on the third day of the conference and prizes will be given to the teams according to the preferences of both the committee members and the audience.

As engineers we aspire to become intermediaries between the present and the future society by creating our own ideas and by making them come true. PreECESCON 4 would like your participation in order to realize our dreams for a better tomorrow.

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Career goes ECESCON

ECESCON++ is an institution created in ECESCON 6. It is the third day of the conference. Its aim is to be the link between education and professional career. The transition from theory to job demand is done by cultivating entrepreneurship, innovation and behavior, which are the themes of the 'CAREER GOES ECESCON' event.

In this event, companies' stands will be set up. There, there will be well-qualified representatives who will provide information to interested parties about the right biography, the first impression you have to give to the prospective employer and generally the behavior throughout the interview. Also, the participants have the opportunity to be informed about the situation of the real world as well as the areas in which research is flourishing for those interested in a career of this kind.

Another major part of the event are the mock interviews. Many universities abroad give this unique experience to their students. These are interview templates. After the participants collect all the necessary information, they can participate in a virtual interview by the representatives. In this way they get experience, learn from their mistakes, or even, they can be hired in a big company.

Finally, presentations will be made by representatives of Greek and foreign universities for the acquisition of a postgraduate or a doctorate diploma. There will be information on specialization issues, eligibility conditions, scholarship claim and feeding-housing-health insurance..


ECESCON 11 is attempting to open its doors to other countries in the ECE community resulting in international character. Our purpose is to attract students from the international space, and the development of the multicultural student environment at the conference. A chance will be given to students and professors to present their projects in English and see the education level and 'competition' of other countries in the same university department. Also, the exchange of ideas between engineers that attend or have graduated from a university with a different educational system will have as a result the direct interaction of knowledge and culture. Our aim is to attract students from all over the world. Although the countries that are more quickly and easily accessible to the city of Thessaloniki, of which there is a great interest, are Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, England and Cyprus. We hope for unexpected visits from students from countries inside and outside Europe.