Antonis Chrysopoulos

Postdoctoral Researcher and Software Engineer - Net2Grid Hellas

Dr. Antonios Chrysopoulos acquired a diploma in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Computer science at 2009, and his doctorate, from the same university, at 2015. He is a member of the Information and Calculations Laboratory of as a Postdoctoral Researcher and Scientific Officer in various European and National Research projects, while he has also taught in the Department at undergraduate and postgraduate level classes about software, mechanical learning and knowledge mining. At the same time he is working as a Software Engineer at Net2Grid Hellas, which is an energy services supplier. He is a member of the IEEE Annex in Greece and is a full member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. His research Interests include: Knowledge Knowledge Mining, Applied Mechanics Learning, Entity Modeling for Real-world Applications

The subject of his speech...

Big Data and Machine Learning End of Innocence?

We have gotten into the age of Big Data and Data Analytics for good. Large multinational companies (such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc.) hold a large amount of data from their users through their products, as well as massive groups dealing with Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, being always at the cutting edge of technology. Companies claim that the new products / capabilities they offer through these technologies serve the satisfaction of their users. But is this really true? Is everything as innocent as it looks? Are we no longer the owners of our data, but maybe their "victims"?