Christos Frantzidis

Postdoctoral Researcher - Laboratory of Medical Physics, Medical School of AUTh

Dr. Christos A. Frantzidis is an electrical and computer engineer with a Master s degree in Medical Informatics and a doctorate in the neurophysiological assessment of mental and physical exercise interventions. He was a visiting researcher at the European Space Agency in a study to assess the effects of microbiality on sleep neurophysiology. He also participates in the work of the International Academy of Astronautics for the Study of Sleep in Space. His research focuses on the exploration of functional cortical ligament changes and the automatic detection of sleep stages through deep learning techniques. He works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Medical Physics Laboratory of the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and leads the Biomedical Engineering & Aerospace Neuroscience (BEAN) research team with applications in Aerospace. BEAN s goal is to contribute to the exploration of robust computational tools for the early detection of pathological standards in aerospace and aviation, as well as the assessment of countermeasures that will enhance flight safety.

The subject of his speech...

Integrating and modeling multi-faceted daily and sleep data for precision sleep medicine and network neuroscience towards the prevention of sleep disorders.

The presentation aims to provide beyond the art insight into multi-modal, biomedical engineering approaches within the context of precision medicine for assessing sleep and sleep-related breathing disorders at early stages. It would also demonstrate recent trends within the context of network neuroscience for analyzing big data through deep learning techniques.