Strategic And Architectural Product Consultant -

Dimitris Kaikas was born in Thessaloniki in 1977. He studied in the Department of Geology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. From an young age, he started his research in electronic circuit design and software development, through which he gained deep experience in the complex real-time control architecture. He has been a Technical Director and a founding member of electronic systems manufacturing companies, with significant work in research and development as well as in the strategy of their products. He has worked as a teacher teaching Analogue and Digital Electronics and Telecommunication Networks. He is also consultant for strategy and architecture in startups in Greece and abroad. Its assets include modeling of energy and quality optimization models for industrial refrigeration systems, as well as engineer interfaces, business processes and people in cloud-based unified management frameworks across a wide range of industries with high operational safety requirements.

The subject of his speech...

Young people confronted with modern trends in the creation of products and services. From idea to market.

The speech will be developed on two main axes: 1. How do we transform our ideas and knowledge into products and services and, by extension, create product value, 2. What are the steps and skills required by a new scientist to develop a business With examples, we will develop the stages and prerequisites in the process of transition from technological innovation to the commercial exploitation of an idea, and we will look at the factors that contribute positively, as opposed to those that inhibit the transition from scientific to entrepreneurial activity.