George Mamalakis

Information and Security Officer - EYATH SA

George Mamalakis is the IT and Security Officer of EYATH SA and is an Electrical and Computer Engineer. He received his diploma in 2003 from ECE Department of Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki (AUTh) with honours, his MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College of London in 2004 and his PhD in Computer and Network Security using Machine Learning from ECE AUTh in 2015. He has worked as a Sr. IT and Security Officer for ECE AUTh for 12 years, and has collaborated with various companies and organisations, like GRNET SA (Greek NREN) on two projects as a Sr. Developer, SSL.com as a systems engineer, and Infilab GmbH on a data science project for eBay in the role of lead Data Scientist. His areas of expertise are systems engineering, network engineering, software design and development, database administration and programming, systems security and machine learning. He has a broad understanding of the area of Computer Science due to mixed academic knowledge and many years of hands on experience in multiple and complementary areas of expertise.

The subject of his speech...

Dev, ops, db, net, sec and their various combinations in the modern market

In the world of cloud and the different devices running on the web, applications are written in a way that they can be shared in more than one physical or logical machine and network, but also in a way that can easily be used both by large and by small screens - but also exploit their resources - and even the servers they provide must respond directly to thousands of applications per second, without being delayed, share somehow a common database -with or without integrity-, a similar file system or some levels of caches, and of course all these should happen in a secure way... UEHR! What are the technologies that dominate so far to meet the needs above, what roles have prevailed in the job market to cover them and how do they interact?