Ioannis Feneris

User Experience Designer -

Ioannis is a User Experience Designer, loving to being challenged by design problems. He is participating in several projects and products, many of which you are currently using. For him, UX is culture: Placing the user in the center of every stage of the creation and the evolution of a product, from an idea s conception to the next MVP or released version.

The subject of his speech...

UX Design: Research and create like an engineer

User Experience (UX) Design is (?) now known. But the role of an UX Researcher and an UX Designer in creating a digital product is not yet clear on many markets. In this presentation we will see why, through a brief review of the evolution of the role, we will answer why it is considered to be one of the most important future professions, how different it is from UI Design, why it fits perfectly to an engineer and why a “creator” of a digital product can easily lose “common sense”.