Civil Engineer - Strategic Planner - AUTH-ENTRANET

Lefteris Papageorgiou is a Civil Engineer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has more than 20 years of experience on corporate world and is the founder of many companies in the field of engineering, renewable energy and high technology. He is the designer of the “Smart home of the future for the elderly”, which was awarded from the EU’s program: “Wider, the smart home for the elderly”. He is also registered in the Register of Greek Inventers and holds several patents for technologies around the “smart home”. He is responsible for the daily operation and strategic planning of Entranet, headquartered in Florida, USA, London and Thessaloniki. Under his guidance, Entranet has been awarded the European Business Awards as the National Innovation Champion 2014-2015, and it also received the Commission’s Seal of Excellence for her research. In December 2018 he published his first book on entrepreneurship and titled: “Startups. From the idea, to the world market”, Fereniki publications.

The subject of his speech...

Startups. From the idea, to the global market. Mistakes, omissions, unforeseen.

Why do some companies succeed and others close after a short period of time? Why do some other companies "raise" money from investors and others are constantly being rejected? Who knows whether a product will be successful or not? Is there finally a recipe for success? After 20 years of entrepreneurship and 17 companies in 5 countries, the only conclusion that seems true for all situations is the following: The right thoughts and movements of a successful entrepreneur do not necessarily have the same positive effect on someone else company. They may not even have a positive impact on the same company six months or a year later. For an eerie reason, however, mistakes are common to everyone. And they are countless! These lead certainly to failure.