Panagiotis Kalaitzidis

Space Projects Manager - Prisma Electronics SA

He was born and now lives in Alexandroupolis. He is a graduate of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the Democritus University Thrace (2005), an MBA holder, Management Business Administrator (2013). Since 2007 he has been working at Prism Electronics, which has as its main focus the Manufacture of Electronic Patterns and Devices as well as Cable Assemblies for space applications. As the Production Manager he was responsible for supervising and coordinating the procedures of various projects and constructions for some of the larger Greek companies in the field, but also for major Research Institutes in Europe, such as CERN. As part of the MC-FTK (Fast TracKer) research project, he worked a total of 6 months at CERN, where he had the opportunity to work with experienced and remarkable researchers. He is responsible for the coordination and optimization of the production processes of the LAROS product since 2014. Its object is the wireless data transmission on ships (IoT for Maritime). In 2014, he specializes in Electronics for Space and is in charge of implementation of Prism Electronics Space Projects. He has been trained and certified by ESA as Inspector (cat.2) for electronic welding components and construction of wiring for Space projects while at the same time he is certified by IPC as a trainer for welding electronic components to electronics for space applications. He is Project Manager for Solar Orbiter (ESA Cosmic Vision M1), JUICE (ESA Cosmic Vision L1), Sentinel 6A (Copernicus) and Technical Manager on the Research Project MEPS (Microsatellites Electrical Propulsion System). He is the representative of Prism Electronics in partnerships with ESA, AIRBUS DS (UK & FR), OHB, SIEMENS, Sitael and others.

The subject of his speech...

Construction of Electronics for Space in Greece

· Introduction to Space · Specifications and Standards used · Space Manufacturing · Participation of Greek companies in Space · Space electronics · Opportunities for new engineers