Pierros Papadeas

Director of Operations - Libre Space Foundation

Pierros Papadeas is a founding member of the Libre Space Foundation. In the past, he was working in the Mozilla Foundation as a Community Architect, since 2007, and as an Open Innovation Strategist, since 2014. Having great experience in managing international projects of open technologies and of the respective communities, he is one of the founders of the first Hellenic Hackerspace and the Libre Space Foundation. His love for space resulted in his participation in SatNOGS, a base station network for satellite communication, which is based on free software and hardware. Then, as a member of Libre Space Foundation was the supervisor of the implementation of UPSat, the first internationally implemented satellite with open technologies, and the first one to have been entirely implemented in Greece.

The subject of his speech...

UPSat - Constructing the first Greek satellite

In his speech, Pierros will present Libre Space Foundation s brief story, the team s past experience in projects on space, how their participation in UPsat started and the situation in which they found the project, the development, construction, testing and certification procedures they have developed, and the delivery procedures. He will also present the existing condition and management of the satellite, opportunities to participate in work and thoughts about future corresponding open projects in space. During the speech, the challenges and difficulties resulting from the use of open technologies in space industry will also be analyzed.