Stavros Tekes is a shareholder and Technical Director of DRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL SA, which is engaged in the development of specialized ICT solutions for the environmental and agricultural sectors. Over the past 15 years he has worked in technology companies and startups, initially as a member of technical teams and then as their head. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Communications Systems and he also has extensive experience in the field of software, mobile and web application development, integration projects and educational activities. In 2015, with a team of friends and experienced associates, they founded Agroapps PC, a Greek-based company dedicated to delivering sustainable ICT solutions that help modern agriculture. He is the head of the Agroapps technical team, and he is also involved in configuration of company strategy. He has coordinated the technical teams in more than 10 international research and development programs aimed at creating ICT solutions for the rural and environmental sectors and implementing complex large-scale systems for national and international organizations.

The subject of his speech...

Get a clue

Description: First steps are never easy and they seem crucial. Thoughts like:"I have no idea what I want to do ....", "Maybe I will make mistaken decisions, do wrong collaborations and my progress will be delayed?", "Who will hire someone without experience?", "A Master would not be a bad idea ... "" If I do not find a job, I am not going to stay with my parents, I will do an interrail in Europe "lead to new scenarios and new thoughts which are not easy to be answered. We all have asked ourselves, from time to time, corresponding questions. The presentation aims to give insights and advice to students and graduates who expect to make their first business steps.