Stavros Korokithakis

Software developer, security enthusiast & maker - Stochastic Technologies

Stavros is a software developer, security enthusiast and maker. He has been programming for twenty years, and he has a soft spot for privacy and cryptography. His hobbies include photography and complaining. He has strong opinions on things and is not afraid to share them, even when not solicited.

The subject of his speech...

Essential and incidental complexity: Why simple is not always better and why I picked this title.

Over and over again throughout the years we see a familiar pattern: A new competitor threatens to unseat the established, widespread technology that everyone uses. The competitor is much simpler to use and very easy to get started with, so everyone switches to it and raves about it. After the honeymoon phase ends, though, everyone complains about how much worse it actually is.
Why does this happen? The talk will go into detail about essential and incidental complexity, why sometimes "complex" does not mean "badly designed" and why we fall in the same trap again and again.