Stylianos Siskos

Professor - Physics Department - AUTH

Stylianos Siskos is Professor at the Department of Physics, Electronics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is the Director of the Electronics and Computers Section of the Physics Dept. and he is leading the “Analog/mixed signal integrated circuits design” team. His current research interests include analog integrated circuit design, mixed built-in signal structures, current mode integrated circuit design, sensor interfacing integrated circuits design (for radiation, pressure, temperature etc applications), low energy FPGA design for embedded systems, design of signal processing circuits, low voltage analog integrated circuits, RF circuits design, high speed A/D and D/A converters and energy harvesting circuits design. Since 1989, he has collaboration with LAAS–CNRS, Toulouse, France in the design of analog/mixed signal integrated circuits.

The subject of his speech...

Energy Harvesting - Perpetual Power Supply for IoT applications

Wireless IoT (successor of Wireless Sensor Network) applications, pose a series of limitations regarding an embedded system’s power consumption and energy autonomy. A desired property of an autonomous system is the capability to operate and survive in unforeseen conditions. This talk is an overview of different aspects of energy harvesting from the energy sources to circuits and systems for power management providing recent advances in energy scavenging as well as in power management techniques such as multi-input multi-output energy harvesting units combining parallel harvesters for various energy sources including (ambient) light, (micro) vibrations and (small) temperature differences.